Fall 2022
  • It Takes A Village
  • When Was Your Last Physical?
  • Academic Medicine At Work Advances In Transplantation: Robot-Assisted Living Kidney Transplant
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Spring 2022
  • Cover Story: When Covid-19 Leads To A Life-Saving Cancer Diagnosis
  • Academic Medicine At Work: Help For The Littlest: Preparing Nicu Babies For Success
  • Routine Blood Tests: Why And When To Get Them
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Winter 2022
  • Introducing UM BWMC’s New Outpatient Care Center
  • Brush Up On Your Heart
  • Academic Medicine At Work Rewatering The Desert: Rerouting Blood Flow To Save Limbs From Amputation
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Fall 2021
  • A Vow To Beat Cancer
  • Coming Soon: New Outpatient Care Center
  • Academic Medicine At Work: Hope And Healing For Young Minds At New Psychiatry Inpatient Unit
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Spring 2021
  • When An Aggressive Infection Travels To The Brain
  • Living Your Best Life After Cancer
  • Academic Medicine At Work: Pioneering Mitral Valve Repair Device
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Winter 2021
  • Staying Strong With Osteoporosis
  • Frequently Asked Questions About Lung Cancer
  • Academic Medicine At Work: Receiving the Gift of Life through the Kidney Transplant Program
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Fall 2020
  • Living Well With Heart Failure
  • Take Charge Of Your Stress
  • Ready For COVID-19: Activating A Biocontainment Unit For The Sickest Patients
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